Window Cleaner


Residential and Commercial

We offer a first class window cleaning service to our customers. Using the latest in water-fed pole technology, we guarantee clean windows.

Thanks to our ladder-free pole system, we can reach almost any window that traditional window cleaners cannot. In addition, our brushes clean not just the glass, but the frames, too. This will keep your windows looking like new for years to come.

We take great pride in our excellent reputation for reliability, and will always be on time to keep your windows looking great. We use professional scheduling software to keep track of which customers need cleaning on which dates, making sure that no one gets missed out.

For your peace of mind, we have full Public Liability insurance in place, should a mishap ever occur.

As our window cleaning service is contract-free, you are never tied down to a visit, and can cancel your service at any time, should you need to. 

If you're not sure, why not try us for a month to see if it's for you?